Activities are divided into following five workpackages:

WP 1 : Preparation
Activities 1.1 : Assessment of the key elements and knowledge needed for practical sustainable agricultural production in Thai and European environments
Activity 1.2 : Identify and making a network with potential private/co-operatives, NGO and government offices for students’ research collaboration
Activity 1.3 : Organizing a workshop on "Successful Sustainable Agricultural Production" aiming at defining the learning objectives of DDMP PISAI with the professional organisations

WP 2 : Development and Implementation
Activity 2.1 : Construct four modules and curriculum structure of DDMP PISAI emphasizing applicable thesis research and learning objectives aligning with the professionals need
Activity 2.2 : Prepare program guidelines, quality assurance and criteria for student selection
Activity 2.3 : Organise pilot field module for both Thai HEIs students and European HEIs
Activity 2.4 : Faculty and staff training for efficient and effective programdelivery and student supervision
Activity 2.5 : Provision of needed equipment
Activity 2.6 : Orientation for private sectors, related agencies and students for collaborative thesis research study
Activity 2.7 : Preparation of on-line application system
Activity 2.8 : Student enrolment and registration of DDMP PISAI (2 cohorts ), each student under 2- university supervision and EU partner co-supervision
Activity 2.9 : Student exchanges mobility between Thai partners and the European partners
Activity 2.10 : Organize learning modules and practical courses jointly with European partners and their students.

WP 3 : Quality Plan
Activity 3.1 : Review of DDMP PISAI by external reviewers and professionals
Activity 3.2 : Development of Guideline for Co-supervision between the two universities graduating the students
Activity 3.3 : Selection of students according to set rules and qualification
Activity 3.4 : Selection of thesis topics and study sites based on identified specifications
Activity 3.5 : Guest lectures by EU partners and representatives of enterprises at Thai participating HEIs
Activity 3.6 : Identification and appointment of EU partner as thesis committee/ review the thesis progress

WP 4 : Dissemination and Exploitation
Activity 4.1 : Organization of Annual Meeting on Agricultural Sustainability and selection of the best project as a learning model for others
Activity 4.2 : Defence of Master Thesis that evaluated by external reviewer from one of the European partners Activity 4.3: The employment assessment of the first batch of graduates (tracer study) conducted and disseminated on the web
Activity 4.4 : Promotion of the innovative double degree master program in cooperation with farmers and private sectors in the supply chain
Activity 4.5 : Building and offering Practical extension courses
Activity 4.6 : Publication of project outputs in media, newsletter, scientific meetings, different forms, live video on Facebook

WP 5 : Management
Activity 5.1 : Organizing project kick-off meeting and regular meeting for action plan of work package
Activity 5.2 : Providing interactive websites, Facebook and on-line information
Activity 5.3 : Financial allocation
Activity 5.4 : Organizing Final Project Conference to disseminate research and project outputs
Activity 5.5 : Preparation of reports

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