Seminar and Workshop on Coffee Production by the Faculty of Agriculture, CMU, and National Chi Nan University, Taiwan

Assistant Professor Dr. Daruni Naphrom, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, welcomed Professor Dr.Chong-Chuo Chang, Vice President for International Affairs, and delegates from National Chi Nan University (NCNU) during the visit to the faculty and joining the coffee workshop event on July 5, 2023, from 13.00–16.00 at the Boonyawat Lumpaopong Meeting Room, Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University.

 The event consists of the speech section on the current status of coffee production in Taiwan by Prof. Cheng Jen-Son from National Chi Nan University, the workshop section on cupping and tasting of CMU and NCNU coffee by the Highland Research and Training Center, CMU, and the booth exhibition part on pest insect management in coffee by the Postharvest Technology Research Center, CMU.

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